Thanks to the high quality of its products and the solution to technical problems, M.T. Acciai s.r.l. boasts not only a thirty-year experience in the field of common and alloy steels, but also tight relationships with the most respected Italian and European steelworks.

The constant research in the field of steels allows M.T. ACCIAI s.r.l to manufacture products that meet both the costumers' needs and the increasing demand of quality and reliability in the field of common and alloy steels.

The main purpose of M.T. ACCIAI s.r.l. is to meet the costumers' needs and expectations. With expertise, professionalism and passion for our job, we intend to analyse your specific problems through collaboration and partnership and to find techniques in order to optimize our quality whilst reducing your costs.

M.T. ACCIAI s.r.l. has been on the market for more than thirty years and, thanks to the over-twenty-year experience of its staff, it is one of the most reliable and qualified suppliers of common and alloy steels. The company is specialized in the sale of steels for press moulding machinery's columns and, among its clients, it includes some of the most important national manufacturers.

In order to meet its costumers' needs in the best way, the sales office works perfectly together with its administrative and productive organizations through an effective and pleasant collaboration, which is characterized by extreme professionalism.

To achieve our goal, we respect the following general principles:

  • to maintain constant collaboration activities in order to meet costumers' needs;
  • to obtain the established and agreed quality level at competitive prices;
  • to maintain the leadership in the professional service through the constant improvement of the costumer assistance;
  • to involve the staff in the achievement of the quality target through the development of a specific training plan;
  • to assure a preventive maintenance plan of all the equipments in order to guarantee a constant production process;
  • to measure the adequacy of the Quality System's respect and efficiency through the application of a suitable Internal Auditing plan;
  • full management transparency, documentation availability and data registration.


Our steel always comes from the same European steelworks, which guarantee a continuity for what concerns quality. The constant quality of the supplies allows to have repetitive parameters in mechanical processing and a greater control over deformations during heat treatment.

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Precise cuttings of small and big series are guaranteed by the employement of latest generation automatic saws that were projected and realized in order to guarantee precision standards required by customers, reducing processing wastage.

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The certification and introduction of the Quality System management allowed M.T.Acciai to improve not only its efficiency, but also the quality that is offered, in order to better meet our customers’ needs.

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