chiusura estiva / summer closing: 05-26 Agosto/August



The presence of M.T. ACCIAI on the market is characterized not only by the high qualitative standard of the products, but also by the offer of services that are of undeniable interest, such as cutting.

In our working department we cut small and large series to length. We have high-tech cutting machines that can carry out cuttings with the maximum precision and minimum waste.

A perfect cutting service at the value of the real price. Precise cuttings also for large series are assured by employment of automatic and latest generation cutting machines, which were made in order to guarantee high precision standards demanded by customers.

Cutting tolerance and other documentation on our cutting service available in the Reserved Area


Our steel always comes from the same European steelworks, which guarantee a continuity for what concerns quality. The constant quality of the supplies allows to have repetitive parameters in mechanical processing and a greater control over deformations during heat treatment.

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Precise cuttings of small and big series are guaranteed by the employement of latest generation automatic saws that were projected and realized in order to guarantee precision standards required by customers, reducing processing wastage.

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The certification and introduction of the Quality System management allowed M.T.Acciai to improve not only its efficiency, but also the quality that is offered, in order to better meet our customers’ needs.

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