Further guarantee over the supplied product is the material's traceability.

Each steel bar is identified through a label that allows to trace back anytime to the supplier of raw material and to all the following transformation and commercialization stages of each casting with the equivalent analysis certificate.

During the delivery stage, we combine the wares with small tags that further identify not only the quality, but also the costumer's references, for this reason it is easier to intervene on potential anomalies concerning the preparation and the shipping, making it possible to totally avoid operative malfunction. The control over the process and the operating practices are in constant evolution. 


Our steel always comes from the same European steelworks, which guarantee a continuity for what concerns quality. The constant quality of the supplies allows to have repetitive parameters in mechanical processing and a greater control over deformations during heat treatment.

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Precise cuttings of small and big series are guaranteed by the employement of latest generation automatic saws that were projected and realized in order to guarantee precision standards required by customers, reducing processing wastage.

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The certification and introduction of the Quality System management allowed M.T.Acciai to improve not only its efficiency, but also the quality that is offered, in order to better meet our customers’ needs.

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